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Micro-influencers in various niches

Brands come in all styles, with products designed for every type of person. It's necessary to engage with a variety of influencers, so we recruit a diverse range of profiles. No matter your niche market, our influencer marketing experts will find influencers that fit.

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Measurable KPIs & result

You can throw away the crystal ball & tarot cards - your campaign performance is based on measurable results. Our influencer marketing platform outputs key performance indicators to give you accurate real-time insight so you stay in the know about your campaign.

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Evergreen content

We save our clients time & money with content that always stays relevant. Our agency utilizes Evergreen content that can be shared anytime and grows engagement long after it's shared. We claim to work smarter, not harder - and Evergreen content is the most intelligent way to do it.

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Scalable Pricing

Whether you spend is high or low, we've got a pricing model that works with every budget. InBeat offers scalable pricing to meet your campaign's growth spurts. You can start small and test the waters out, then ramp things up once you've found a successful formula.

Detailed Analytics

We give brands heightened optics into influencer metrics for a crystal clear picture of campaign preformance. Our marketing platform ingests minute data to output detailed analytics. You'll have a range of information to help you make actionable decisions to adjust your campaign tactics.

Multiple Platform

Nowadays, different demographics of people have particular preferences on social media platforms. InBeat engages influencers in multiple platforms to thoroughly capture your target audience. Whether TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and beyond.

Expert-vetted creators

We vet all the micro-influencers to make sure everyone is completely legitimate. InBeat runs each candidate through a rigourus process to validate the influencer's account. You can rely on every micro-influencer filtered through our system.

Campaign management

InBeat handles your entire campaign from A-to-Z. There's no manual work needed. Our campaign managers work directly with your influencers to oversee the design, implementation, and monitoring of each post. Simply relax and watch as your band awareness takes off.

Work only with the influencers you approve

InBeat believes that Brands know best. Our Agency has a finger on the pulse of the industry, but brands often spot the perfect person for their campaign a mile away. We'll give you suggestions and direction and then you'll have the final say selecting the influencer that fits your needs perfectly.

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We think differently about influencer marketing

Every brand needs imaginative content to fuel its creative campaign. Rather than only relying on our talent to power the process, we unleash the influencer's creative prowess to generate prolific content. We think differently and trust influencers to guide the content.

Only relevant micro-influencers

Our marketing platform filters out irrelevant micro-influencers to help you find the perfect match for your brand & products. Search by hashtags, keywords, mentions, location, language, & engagement rate to hone in on the most relevant micro-influencers for your campaign.

We manually check each profile

Social influencers may have fake followers, likes, & comments. We know how confusing the marketplace can be at times and are here to alleviate frustrations. InBeat manually checks each influencer to solidify their credibility and establish a relationship of trust.

Content creation

You won't have to go it alone while creating content for your campaigns. We never leave brands out in the cold. Our in-house team of creatives & campaign managers help shape and facilitate content that speaks fluently to your target audience.

Case Studies

Phone Loops

The phone grip accessory brand needed a consistent way to fuel their paid & earned media at scale across multiple channels. They came to InBeat to create content that converts and conveys trust while keeping their costs down.

”Our online presence has not only skyrocketed, inBeat has had a huge impact on our revenue growth.“

Jean Philipe Brousseau Jean Philipe Brousseau
CEO at PhoneLoops®






Increase in ROAS

Deux par Deux

Speed is of the essence for this kid’s fashion brand. The fashion retailer was on the hunt for a way to sell a ton of inventory during their seasonal releases. Deus Par Deux came to InBeat for help.

“inBeat provided us with a lean and efficient way to create content for our new collection releases.”

Rony Amar Rony Amar
CMO at DeuxParDeux


Unique content assets




Unique Clients


American Dairy called upon us to find a fresh fun way to tap into the Gen Z demographic. We revamped their age-old “Got Milk” ad campaign to bring the milk mustache to a younger crowd.

Our agency facilitated 20+ young athletes and artists with strong local followings to participate in the Got Milk challenge over TikTok. Our goal was to give young adults a much more authentic experience than traditional marketing tactics lack.

Fairly asked questions

What is a micro-influencer?

A social media influencer with a 10k-to-100k following that drives higher engagement rates than influencers with millions of followers. Micro-influencers tend to be much more cost-effective than larger influencers and have an authentic voice for speaking about your product and brand.

How Can the content be authentic if micro-influencers are being paid to create it?

Micro-influencers created an audience over a long time in your niche market before they began getting paid for it. They already have passion for your market which now aligns with your brand.

Micro-influencers have loyal followers that expect products featured by the influencer in your niche area. This is the opposite of celebrity influencers, who get paid to promote products with no experience beforehand.

How do i use your micro-influencer marketing platform?

There is a quick sign-up process, and then you can begin filtering through the database for influencers that match your criteria. You’ll receive contact details for the influencers you select to negotiate rates.

After you’ve hired influencers for your brand, you can set-up campaigns and social media content objectives on the platform. All analytics are monitored & displayed through the marketing platform.

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Fairly asked questions

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

Yes, you can change or cancel your plan at any time in your settings. Once you have canceled your plan, you will retain access to your premium plan until the end of your subscription cycle. At this point, you will be moved to our free plan.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We currently support most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express).

How many credits do I need?

This depends on the scale at which you want to do influencer marketing. Think about how many influencers you want to work with and how many you will need to contact. Our experience is that 200 creadits is enough for 1 campaign per month.

What is a campaign?

An influencer marketing campaign usually represents a specific outreach effort. For example, you want to outreach 100 potential influencers for a back-to-school campaign. It is an easy way to manage the lifecycle of your influencer marketing.

What do I get When I export my campaign?

You will receive the following information, if available: Handle, Email, Profile URL, Language, Followers, Engagement, Topics, Website.

We are a charity, do you have any special discount?

Absolutely. Contact us and we will unlock uor charity plan for you

What counts as a monthly credit?

For each influencer you export in campaign, you will be charged 1 credit. If the influencer does not have an email linked to it, you will not be charged. If you export the same influencer in multiple campaigns, you will only be charged once. If you’re on Free Plan, you still can’t export contacts without email.

Can i exceed my plan's credit?

Our system will warn you if you exceed your plan limit. You will be able to upgrade your plan at this stage.